Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


Hi Steve, we’ll gladly invite an active player! Write here your Invitation code :wink:



Just left the other guild


Your invitation code does not exist. Please, check if it is correct. I assume that You are playing on PC/Mobile, not console…


It could be _JW3W on end


Correct this time, I’ve just send an invitation. Welcome aboard!


One opening here, some and join us. We have recently pulled a mythic from a legendary guild task. :slight_smile:
It was Gargantaur but still, every mythic counts.


Bump, one spot is still available.



I would apply for that open slot if still available.

RIOT29_SLBA is my invite code.

Just rerolled, olayed in Xbox earlier.

Lvl52 currently (i have restarted yesterday); but active daily player.


Riot29, You have to quit your current guild.


OK, done, I have quit.


Invitation sent


Thank you - looking forward to be a useful member of the team.


I’m interested in joining. Invite code: Kaeroku. I played 2 years ago and hit level 150, just started again.


Kaeroku, sorry, we are full at the moment. I’ll pm you when we have an opening. :slight_smile:


Okay. Thanks anyway. Uhhh… send me an invite on Steam if you get an opening? I really only came on this forum looking for a guild.


We currently have 3 open spots. Please come and join us. :slight_smile:


3 places are still available! :wink:


Are you still looking for a guild? We have three spaces open!


Two slots are still available as of this moment. Please pm me, Rozik, or Hampants or simply post the code here. You have to leave your current guild for the code to work.



If you accept beginners, here is my invite code: