Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


Sorry, that does not work either.


Invite sent. Hopefully, you can join. :slight_smile:


I received the invite but didn’t join when saying yes. Did the spot get filled?


Nope, we are at 29 afaics. Sometimes it glitches out, might need to wait a little bit. If still does not work, I’ll file a support ticket.


@akots Do you still have a spot open in your guild? I like the description and I’d be happy to join! I’m a fairly new player though, just bought all kingdoms and levelling them up now.
In case you accept me, here’s my invite code: MORAO_EKJH (I will need to quit my current guild first, let me know)


Morao, sorry, no openings at this moment, we are full. :slight_smile:


We have one open spot at this time. Hurry up and jump in before the weekly reset. :slight_smile:


We have still one spot open for an active player! Come and join us! :wink:


Bump, the slot is still open. New players are welcome to join us.


@akots Any chance I can get in? I’d like to try a more active guild. MORAO_EKJH


We don’t have empty spots at this time. Sorry.


I’m in a guild with no active player. I’m lvl 650, active, put money in guild task, generally do all guild war and want to be part of your magical team!!! MICK_17


One spot currently open for an active player! :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in joining


Please pm your invite code and leave your current guild.


We have one open spot. New or experienced casual players are welcome to join us. :slight_smile:


We have two open spots as of this moment. :slight_smile:


Still one spot available. Come and join before reset to get all the goodies on Monday. :slight_smile:


One spot is still waiting - come and join! :wink:


I’m interested. I’m lvl 46. Play most days. Usually hit 1500 seals. Rank 1 pvp. Still building but my current guild is mostly dead. Let me know as I am still in my current guild.
I’m looking for casual play, and this sounds spot on.
Let me know.