Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


We have one spot available at the moment.


OMELAS_NIWN, would love to join you! :slight_smile:


Hey - if you still need a casual, friendly guild, we’ve got a spot open - let me know!


Hi - I’d like to join if there’s still a space available. I’m KODIKEA_SGVG


Invite says you are in another guild. You have to quit your current guild for the code to work.

And yes, we have one opening as of this moment.


I’d like to join the guild if you still have space. Invite code is RISAKO_3PDY


We have an open spot as of right now. Please post here or pm your code. :slight_smile: Please don’t forget that the code only works if you have quit your current guild.


Hello! I would like to join your guild. Only 95 lvl now, but playing active. My invite code is JOHNYL_CAYF


Hey, this is a really great opportunity to jion the clan.


Invite sent!


Well, this one spot is still available.


Please send invite again.


Invitation sent, welcome aboard :+1:


can i join your guild? i just start.


We have one open slot currently. We jumped up to get into bracket 9 of guild wars (85th place in the roster) and would prefer a higher level more or less active player but new players are also welcome to apply provided that they can somehow contribute to guild wars. However, it is not a requirement.


Shameless bumping up.


Evening Akots,

From Western Australia, i am interested in joining your guild with the upcoming new Tower mode and my recent goal of level 100 i am on the search for a guild.

My Invite code: FERGUBS_WK2U

Cheers for your time
Have a great week


And we are full at the moment.


We have one open spot. Come and join us. :slight_smile:


Hi there!
I’m active lev 130 and currently collect around 900-1000 seals weekly. I’m also close to maxing my kingdoms, so I should have gold that I can contribute shortly :slight_smile:
My invite code is AUDIOPAIN_ANPD if you think I could be an asset.