Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


And we are full at the moment. :slight_smile:


We have one open spot. Please come and join us. :slight_smile:


Shameless bump, the spot is still open.


Another bump, still looking for a guild mate.


I seem matching your requirements and I am looking for a new guild
My invite code : LOKAMAYADON_EG1J


One spot available!


Hi I’m a new player and I think I match your description!

My code is:STIRFRY60_TWTB


One spot open!


Two spots…


Bump, two spots still available!


We have two open spots. :slight_smile:

Very casual, very friendly. Come and join us.


Still two spots open!


One spot still available! :innocent:


Bump, still in need for one player!


May I join? I started playing a week ago and would love to figure out the ropes with a friendly guild!



Invitation has been sent - welcome aboard! :blush:



I realize I’m late to the fiesta, but if you happen to have a spot open, ping me. my current guild is so stale. I’m over lvl 500, play every day. I need some action! lot’s to give . . .


hope to hear from you soon . . .


Thanks for your interest. Sorry, at the moment we are full. :slight_smile:


NP, I appreciate the response. if things change, hit me up . .



We have one spot open. Come and join us. :slight_smile: