Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


Bump! Anyone interested? :wink:


Hey. I am only 218 level playing. I make 1500 free seals. but I bring gold so far 300-350k. but soon I can and more.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sure thing, please pm or post your invite code. :slight_smile:


We have one open spot. Come and join us. Requirements are simple: 700 seals OR 40 trophies, easy mode. All levels are welcome. :slight_smile:

You can scroll up to the top for other information.


Bump! Come and join! :wink:


Another shameless bump. We still have one spot.


Maybe me its GREYHOUND FUSS_X5QO ign Boom Snap Clap, low but friendly and active :smiley:


And again - one spot open!


We have 2 open slot. Come and join us. :slight_smile:


I am interested in joining a casual guild. My last one was a bit too time consuming.


Many thanks for your interest, Kit. Unfortunately, we are back to full at the moment and have no open spots. Sorry about that.


No worries. I will have to keep looking. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have spaces anytime soon though


One spot open!


Two spots open


I’m looking for a guild. I’d love a guild which everyone is active, but not stressful. My past guild only 3 of 30 did anything.


Thanks for your interest. Please leave your current guild and pm me or Rozik your invite code. :slight_smile:


Bump, one spot still available!


And one more…


Bump, one spot still to catch!


if you’ve still got a spot available i’m looking for an active guild, my invite code is JYQEQQE_L86G