Cascade 9 and 11 request

Before we had the treasure hunt, we got gems on cascades 7, 9, and 11. After the treasure hunt mini game, we get a map at cascade 7 and nothing for 9 and 11.

can we either get the gem or another map at cascades 9 and 11?


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I don’t recall having 9 and 11 so I wonder if it got discontinued some time before the Treasure Hunt. But I think a cascade bonus for those would be very welcome.

I’ve never had it either, and I’ve been playing since the release. But I tend to get all the bugs, so might just be my usual luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also don’t remember having awarded more than one gem per cascade and am pretty sure I pass the 9 mark multiple times while the “gem” cascade was still on.

Interestingly, we never intended to give a Gem on cascade 9 and 11… it must have been a bug!
We could look at adding in something cool for higher amounts of cascades in a future update though.