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Captain of the Guard

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/captain-of-the-guard/

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Knight Captain The Knight Captain will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Legendary Troop: Sir Quentin Hadley Sir Quentin Hadley will be available exclusively in Event Chests this…

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Why do we have to click to load the images now where we never had to before. I open this post thinking I am going to see the new troops and click the button and it fails for a while when the post first gets done. How about just posting the pics?


These auto post from the wordpress at the time of release. and it can take a few moments for the images to appear when you click the post. We won’t be posting every announcement manually as it takes time (not much, but why waste time when you can automate something!) and I’m not always here to post the evening announcements if I work earlier hours. (Also, sometimes I am in meetings when a post goes live.)

We have to now manually click to see the data that is automatically posted rather than automatically seeing the post by just opening the thread that was manually posted.
Why it can’t just automatically display the data? :man_shrugging:


There have been some changes to Wordpress and our site, and they don’t auto post images now. I’ve looked into it and haven’t found a way to make them do it again yet. Fingers crossed a consequent update let’s me do so again.


Part of me wonders if its a missed opportunity to call the title of the thread Captain of the Gaard.


Used to be one person doing it so every single forum-goer didn’t have to do the one thing. Now we get a ton of people confused and/or not even bothering to read the cards. Tell me which is better for the game.

(50% mana for Knights is excellent…)

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:open_mouth: I need to look at spoilers more often. I had no idea we had a new Legendary coming out already. Perfect timing for me since I wanted to spend a bunch of event keys this coming week.

I’m 99% sure it’s every Guild Wars week.

:thinking: interesting. Now I don’t have to think ahead. Just wait for GW week.

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What exactly is the difference between a griffin and a griffon? Is it a spell vs. trait thing?

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I understand @Shimrra. However…

If we changed the process to me posting each announcement, it wouldn’t work. On top of what I mentioned above, I am often busy and lose track of time, so it is likely that the announcements would be late, and when I’m on holiday it’s not always possible to have all of my duties covered. (When I hyperfocus I can easily lose track of other things, which is largely due to my ADHD. It allows me to get a lot done, but greatly impacts other things, such as this.)

This post was up 8 hours before reset: surely that’s a large enough window for the meeting to be over?
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

@AMT that’s not what I am getting at. :slight_smile: We post these on a schedule, and I like the consistency of it. I’m saying that if I was doing it manually it wouldn’t be consistent. And if I’m not here or unavailable it won’t be done at all. Also, what if I am on leave? There’s a lot of variables to consider to do something which won’t work well and can be automated. No, clicking the button to see the troops isn’t ideal, but I do think it is worth it for a consistent posting schedule that isn’t dependant on me being available to post. Also, just because I could post our weekly posts in advance, doesnt mean I can manually post the announcements that go out in the evenings outside of my work hours, especially if I am in transit home.
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

If it becomes a significant problem with people needing to press the show full post button, I’m happy to turn off the auto-posting to the forums. Then people can access the posts in full on the website where they are originally released without formatting issues.


Good grief! I never knew clicking 1 button was such a big deal. Literally the least important issue in GoW right now.


Is it possible to have a list about what would be the next week and the week after next week?

Then I can save my resources for the week I love.

We don’t release that information, but you can access Tarans World which has information on upcoming troops. :slight_smile:

And Taran says we dont get an event troop next week, first time ever the week before an event :thinking:

That was a capten outta ten.


Once again, I drew about five other legendaries I already had, before I got the new one. Pointless waste of gems.
If you really have to create new troops all the time, can’t you at least handle exclusive legendaries like you do with exclusive mythics and make them the only drop in their rarity as long as they are dealt out this way?