Can't See Opponent's Level

OK I have looked everywhere but can’t see it (sorry if I’m being dumb).

So when you click on an opponents profile there are multiple tabs where you can see lots of information, such as their guild information, faction information, pvp stats etc. But I can’t see where it shows that persons level, does anybody know which tab it’s under and where this stat is displayed?


It’s a known bug, the devs promised it would be fixed in 4.3.

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if you need a workaround click on “fight”. If they have a hero in their team just click on it and it will show you the level. If they don’t you can start a battle using one fire bomb, explode it immediately to end the training battle (doesn’t affect your stats) and their hero level will show up on the end battle screen, on the right side.
Another way if you want to check by their invite code Lyya made this