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Can't play GoW on mobile (SOLVED)

I was going to play GoW on my phone but then I got error.

This is my phone info:

Was this repeatable? Or did it work correctly the next time you tried?

It just happened few minutes before I wrote my post. Never occurred before.

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You’re internal memory is showing 0GB available. If you’re phone full?

That’s weird thing. It always said insufficient memory. Even though I’ve deleted lots of files/pictures and uninstalled some apps. My internal memory always shown as full. I can’t even send or receive files/pictures on any chat app.

So I am guessing this a phone issue not a gow issue?

Yes. I managed to fix my phone issue which also fix my GoW issue. I can play again on my phone. :slight_smile:

I’ll change its title.

So is it an issue others might hit where you can share the fix to save others and support time in the future?

Hey @ZooKeeper,

Is it possible to let us know what you did to fix it? It seems like it happens on some devices which we are unable to reproduce in the office.


Sorry for late reply.

I cleaned caches on a lot of apps and deleting history on all my chat apps. Basically freeing up my phone’s internal memory so GoW could load/extract all files it needed. GoW eat a lot of space in my phone’s internal memory, especially since 3.1.