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Can't enter Explore [Bard class bug]

Lately I can’t enter some Explore modes in some Kingdoms. I wanted to farm Tratistones in Zaejin and Pridelands, and both can’t load and the window with error message pops out. I play on PC.


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That’s a weird one! Usually I’d offer help here if I can but I think we’ll need to take a closer look. Can you please contact support and we’ll get back to you.

I found what causes the Error!
When a Hero class is BARD it makes the Error message!
When I changed it to other (Sorcerer) there is no problem to go Explore. Stupid, but Bard class is bugged.

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Weird, i can use my Bard just fine in those kingdoms… I’m also playing on PC.

Guess I am doomed and can’t be the musician. So sad, Explore is the quickes way to unlock class weapons :< Plus the traitsones farm is impossible with Bard for me now. I hope they will fix it.

Just some question that can help you and @Cyrup figure out this:

  • Did you just unlocked the class and then you become unable to use Explore in some kingdoms?
  • Have your game update something since you unlocked the Bard?
  • The error happens when your hero is on the team or just by being a Bard?
  • If the issue happens only when the hero is present in your team, you know you don’t need to bring your hero into battle to get the victories to unlock perks and weapon right? At least you could use other troop to still farm the desired traitstones and still get the victories needed for the weapon.
  • If this happens as long as your hero is a Bard i would assume there is some missing/corrupted file related to the kingdoms where the issue happens/triggers. After being sure you have your password/account perfectly backed up to not lose any progress, you could try uninstall/reinstall the game to see if everything would load correctly.

I’m not discarding the chance that something went wrong on the game’s side with anyone unlocking classes this week, but first it’s important to cover the options on your side. I hope this helps.

  1. When I unlocked it by doing Quest line, nothing bad happened, so unlocking it isn’t a problem.
  2. I don’t remember, probably yes. I will check if there are some missing files (Steam has that option to recover things, I will try it)
  3. I don’t use Hero in my teams to fight lately, so it’s not the cause. It is only active as a class but not as a troop. So error is “just by being a Bard”
  4. I think to this I answered above.
  5. And to this one too ^^

I will write what happens next, after recovering files. And I will change back to Bard tomorrow, cause I don’t want to waste 50 gems for a change today.

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How did you go with correcting the missing files? If you haven’t done it yet, here’s how:
This process will make sure they’re all up to date and correct.

From your Steam Library

  1. Right click GEMS OF WAR in the list on the left
  2. Select PROPERTIES
  3. Select the LOCAL FILES tab

This will tell you if anything has corrupted in your installation & repair it. Once done, this should hopefully resolve your issue.

Also, if you ended up submitting a ticket please let me know the ticket number and I’ll look into it for you.


After I did " VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE" I can enter Explore as a Bard. And I hope it will stay as it is without any problems in the future. I will inform if something will break again.


Awesome - you were probably missing a few files that you needed. I’m glad to hear everything is resolved :sunny:

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