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Cant close guild

I am the only member and cant close it because it says 2|15

Boot the other member then close. Or Idk if it will work, but you could try promoting him to guild master and then leave.

Maybe there is a limit on how many guilds you can move in/out of :stuck_out_tongue:

No there arent any members but it still says 2

Maybe try a support ticket? That’s really weird.

Will it let you demote yourself? If so, you should be able to leave then, even if there’s no one else to assign as guild master.

no cant leave

Contact our support team at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
We should be able to fix this up for you.

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I tried but they sending me from one support to another…

Hi Niko,

I’ve had a look into your issue for you. There is actually 1 other person in your guild. You should be able to see them now, and hopefully remove them so you can shut the guild down.

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Thanks a lot. Have a nice day :slight_smile: