Guild stuck...Leader Quit...Looking for options

Question: Should I just create a new guild and if so how do I find the members of my current guild and recruit them to it once I leave the guild I am in? Or, is there a guild already out there that we can join?

I am part of a guild with around 25 or more members. The problem is that the creator of the guild hasn’t played since they started the guild in nearly 6 months. There are about 20 of us that are active in this guild ranging from level 397 to 66, so we go from beginner to a little more advanced. In about 100 days we’ve brought in about 8.5M in gold to the guild, 89,000 seals and 31,103 trophies. But we are kind of stuck because there is no way to register for guild wars or level up in the guild. I hate to start over because we have put so much into our current guild but if we want to advance and compete, I’m not sure we have a choice.

Contact support and tell them about this. From what I understand, they can remove the GM so you guys can promote another one. Someone else knows more about this than I do. Hopefully, they’ll comment for you.


Contact the Devs using the “support” button on the main page. They can promote someone else from the guild to guildmaster.


^ Yeah, that. Lol

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Thank you guys so much! I will do that.

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We will take you guys on our guild if your interested!

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Sorry about the late reply. I appreciate the offer but I can’t abandon the other players in the guild just yet. They are still relatively new and they need the support through the guild tasks and seals. I am digging the update that now allows me to take over the guild and cut the dead weight, which I did.


Our guild had the same issue. Submit a request. After 30 days of inactivity they will replace the guild leader . Then kick them . Our guild has prospered since

You don’t need to submit a request with the new update. After 21 days, he’s marked with inactivity and you can kick him then.

You all are welcome to come to Druids Team. We have 4 different team

Late reply???
I think 8 months is somewhat more than a “late” reply :rofl:
Anyway, good luck with your guild :wink: