Guild Master Can i demote myself

I’m currently Guild Master i started my guild to try it out. It has max members most leeches because there not at my level of play. In 41 days time i’ve went from level 50ish to over level 1064! In those 40 days i put avg of 1 mill gold per week total 7mil in guild, 1500 seals every week at 10.5k, avg 470 trophies per week total 3313 trophies in those 41 days. i always do my pvp teirs, raids, dungeons, invasions, etc.

What i currently want to is step down from guild master and promote someone else without disbanding the guild as there are others in guild that maybe want to still be grouped up. They will just be losing there golden child. Do i demote myself so i can promote someone or click the disband? Does the disband just remove myself or end the whole guild.

Long story short I’m going to be looking for a guild at my level of play.

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Yes, you demote yourself then promote whoever that you want to take command of the guild. Then you can safely leave the guild.

Clicking disband will disband the entire guild. All members that are currently in it will be guildless if you did that.


With those figures you will have no problem finding a great guild to join. :slight_smile: Best of luck to you @IMD_RAY


Awesome thanks for the reply

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IMD_RAY, just messaged you, we’d like to invite you to join HomeBound. :hugs:

The Scubadivers are also recruiting. Guild rank 506, level 230

Good luck! You sound much like me (and many of us) early on. It’s nice to be somewhere where everyone pulls their weight. And thank you for doing the gm role…that is a hard task no matter the guild.

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