Cannot log into chat

I’ve been disconnected from chat all together and cannot log back in.

All I get is the spinning wheel and the game hangs

Are you on Android?

Or any phone.

If so minimize the game by dragging the top of the screen

Then hit the return button(the thing that bring you back to a previous web page etc.)

Click on chat icon again

I use iPad Pro. Is there any workaround also?

You can close this.

I’m on an Android and after waiting for about 15 minutes, it finally connected

Yea your not missing much with global chat.

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I think my tips should work on iPad too.

The minimum and re-maximize does not work on my iPad Mini 3 to regain Chat mode.

I’ve been without access to Global Chat for the last 4 updates.

That didn’t bother me as much as the most recent development where, now, I can’t write anything in Local Guild Chat either.

The unity port had something to do with the way that special character symbols are translated to text. I’ve been unable to use any sort of punctuation characters when I use GoW Chat on the iPad. :frowning:

It’s not even minimize it’s like drag the screen just to get the special “3 button” to show on tablet screen" or in fact just drag the top of screen slightly and hit return arrow keys on tablet


This issue is fixed in 3.5 (coming soon!)

In the meantime you can try fixing it by doing the following:

Manually disconnect from chat (don’t just close it, actually disconnect)
Exit the game completely:
on Android that means force stopping the game
on iPad double click the home button and swipe Gems of War off the screen

Open the game and connect to chat again - make sure you’re connected to channel 001.
This should hopefully fix it.

Here’s an article explaining how to disconnect/connect manually to chat:
Join, Close and Use Chat

If that doesn’t work after a couple of attempts you can write a support ticket, we can reset your chat room data as long as your game is closed when we do it:
How do I contact Support?

@Theicla The issue you described is a different one, and for help you’ll need to write a support ticket under the “Technical Issue” category with as much information as possible about the issue you’re having, the model of device you’re using and the version of iOS you have installed.

Well I waited until after the update and now I’m back to where I simply cannot connect to chat at all.

I try and connect and then let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes and all I get is the spinning icon

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game and now I can’t link my previous account

What a freaking pain this game is proving to be.

Hard-closing the app does not fix this in iOS, and it’s still just as broken in 3.5.

Back up your account, completely uninstall and then reinstall. I’m now seeing all the updates and the chat bug seems to be completely resolved. But make sure you link your account first.

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