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Can we make a regular payer get the deathknight armour?

Hi all

I have a problem with how the specials are priced in the shop. I understand the logic behind it and all. I do not want to get anything more [well I do but this is not about it ;P] but I would like to get some stuff in a bit different way.

I will not spend 50$ in a single transaction. Not in accordance with my attitude and cashflow. And from where I come it is a bit.

I am able to pay on regular basis. So my idea is - how about making some kind of … I dont know, lets call it game dollars, bank deposits … whatever - so that I can spend some money from time to time and the amount will cumulate. At any moment I can buy anything form the shop with the virtual amount I have.

So I can put 10 times 5$ within a period of 8 months - and be able to buy the deathknight armour[as long as its still for sale in 8 months time].

Does it make sense? Do you think it is possible to implement?

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try pming the developers themselves and maybe they could help you personally

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So basically you want a GoW specific wallet.

Well I am not sure this feature would be worth the time required to make it happen personally. Seems like a lot of resource expenditure for little to no gain.

However as Annaerith said, PM the developers and see if they will work out a plan for it, this is likely your best option.

Alternatively, just personally save $5.00 for 10 months and make one giant purchase with a CC after you have saved that much up.

No guarantees of course

Can do that via STEAM, just make $5 payments until there’s enough in the steam wallet for what you want …



This is a really good point, and if you are playing the mobile version steam is your tool for this.

Can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

Great suggestion!

(No programming required)


True. One way of going around it.

From the perspective of the devs - gives me a lot of time to change my mind.

Implementing a simmilar soultion within the game - should help with their cashflow.

And one drawback for me I can think of - the vip will not level on the way.

But I will think of the one with topping my steam account.

Thx for the advice.

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