Campaign screw up

I just finished doing one of the campaign tasks, the “collect rewards” tab lit up, I clicked it and got no rewards. It stayed locked. TALYFA. :roll_eyes:

I have finished the campaign…and now I have a new campaign already started …it’s all messed up


Same here.

I was wondering if anyone had posted about the campaign issue here yet. Myself as well as a guildmate both had completed the campaign for the dragon totem earlier this week but when we logged in today it showed new tasks to complete but no new rewards to collect…

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I hope that the people who bought the Elite+ pack will be compensated!
Because players who bought the Elite pass got the same rewards as the Elite+ pass!

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Devs: “50 gems are on the way. LOLOLOL.” (compensation)
Player: :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes: :rage: