[REPORTED] Campaign is broken

Now you can add campaign to your list of bugs Maybe its every time we have nexus as a featured kingdom it disturbs rest of the game @Kafka


Don’t worry, I fixed it! Long press the icon on your phone and an uninstall option pops up! Press that and find another match 3 game to play. Google play store is full of them, and some even have customer support!!


that’s probably a good idea, pm me in discord when you find one, lol

This is fast becoming ridiculous. They can’t just keep vomiting content without even trying to test it first or this game is going to die.


Frankly, are you kidding us ?
Are devs competent enough to fix at least one or two bugs, like the campaign one ?

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plus some pay for the elite pass or the elite plus pass , so you justify your bugs with a 50 gems payback, Geez your gems worth must be higher then you think. At $9.99 /$24,99 for elite pass verses elite plus pass makes those 50 gems payback higher priced then your shop gems.

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i hope you fix this campaign b/c i bought the elite pass plus and if you dont you be missing a rank 19 player from the vip

Hey all!

Sharing here as well as I grab all the threads related to this Bronze Task issue.

Team is in the process of investigating & I just whipped up a Known Issues article for when there is any updates on this!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: