Campaign Begins: Talisman of Wild Magic


New Campaign Begins

A brand new Campaign begins today. Tassarion has asked us to join him as he investigates a strange new Magic he has discovered

New Heroic Gem: Wildcards

During this Campaign, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles, the Wildcard Gem.

Wildcard Gems can be matched with any Mana Color to make a Mana Gem Match, and have a multiplier which will apply to the Gem match. This will increase the Mana earned from the match (e.g. Red Gem match that includes a x3 Wildcard will give 9 Mana instead of the normal 3). Gem Matches that include a Wildcard cannot trigger a Mana Surge.

Wildcard Gem multipliers will add together if multiple Wildcard Gems are in the same match (so a Red Gem Match with x2 and x3 Wildcards will be multiplied by x5). Wildcards cannot be matched with Skulls and will not multiply Mana if part of an explosion.

Wildcard Gems will occasionally (but rarely) drop like regular Gems during the Talisman of Wild Magic Campaign. Some Troops and Weapons will also be able to create them.

Once the Campaign is over, they will no longer fall randomly though the Troops and Weapons that create them, will continue to function.

Artifact: Talisman of Wild Magic

During this Campaign, players can earn Stars to level this Campaign’s Artifact – the Talisman of Wild Magic. Each new level will expand the story of the Campaign and also give Skill Point bonuses to all battles (including PvP and Guild Wars).

(These bonuses will only apply during the Campaign and are lost when the Campaign ends).

Elite Pass Rewards Sneak Peek

We have a sneak peek at a few of the rewards that will be available from the Elite Pass reward track.

When the campaign ends, players can still earn unique rewards in the following ways:

  • Tihamata – She will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends.
  • Wild Orb – This weapon will be craftable from the Soulforge the next time during their Kingdom’s event after the Campaign ends.
  • Portraits, Emojis and Titles – Like Social Collectibles from Events, these will become available to purchase from Gems about 3 months after the Campaign ends.
  • Kitterfly – As this pet is cosmetic, she will only be available during special Pet Rescues after the Campaign ends.

New Tarot Card: The Magician

The Tarot card for this Campaign will be The Magician.


Infinity Plus Two has repeatedly been found to sell loot boxes missing the best items or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. They always deny this at first, deliberately spread misinformation and ultimately refuse to communicate further once enough proof has been presented. Do not spend money on this campaign, you may receive something inferior to what you paid for, their support will just ignore and close your compensation request.

For the most recent case of faulty loot boxes and how they were handled, see this thread and this summary.


I’m curious as to what the game breaking glitch or random bs we have to put up with is for the next 8 weeks before it gets fixed. I guess we’ll find out soon.


In other words 2x for the Human, 4x for the AI.

So 10 weeks of the AI getting double the mana than it normally does.


200 (8)


I’m willing to wait and see rather than pre-declaring it broken.


There are 2 Troops scheduled already that create Wildcards as part of an ability or trait, and I’m sure there will be more.

What happens when such a Troop creates Wildcards such that 3+ are lined up in a row, potentially forming a match with the Gems on either side?

  • Do the Wildcards match with themselves?

    • I.e. if the 3+ Wildcards are bounded by Skulls on either end, do they remain on the board unmatched?
  • In the alternative case, and assuming they don’t match with themselves, if e.g. a Red Gem is on the left end of a horizontal match of this type, and a Yellow Gem on the right, does one take priority?

Maybe we’ll figure it out and come up with a player guide, but it would be good to know and detail the intended behaviour.


That mythic looks epic :open_mouth:


Tiamat is the mother of Chromatic (re: Evil) dragons in D&D :wink:

D&D borrowed it from Babylonian mythology, but the five (why not 6?) chromatic heads of the Gems of War version does pay significant homage to the 5-headed D&D version.

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I love Kitterfly and would be more than happy to pay the $10 for the pass if the devs did the right thing by their players but since they don’t they aren’t getting my money. I guess I’ll wait for a Saturday pet rescue.


Looks like they’re keeping the third trait on the Mythic intact. Pity I was looking forward to buying the season pass if only they changed it for the better, but not anymore.

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Well, wild cards existed in Puzzle Quest and their basic functionality is the same as what they stated in this post. In that game IIRC, three wild cards in a row basically gave you all colors of mana boosted by all the multipliers.

No guarantee that’s how it works in Gems though. If it did work that way, it would be very powerful. You could potentially fill all your troops mana in just one match if the multipliers are high enough.

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Will the magician be in elite pass or do we now have to buy the elite+ pass for twice as much?

Without keeping the turn, generating wildcards is a potential problem on that mythic’s ability. Theoretically if we had a board full of two or three colors in bulk - i.e. from Gobtruffle or similar - then the wildcards might just match themselves up immediately. Otherwise, it may just set up the enemy to go off the rails.

Hard to say without knowing how much damage it deals, for all we know its some catastrophically high amount that makes the wildcards meaningless. Not likely though.


So what happens if I destroy 50 gems on the board with Marilith including a wildcard? How does that work?

This is the 2nd campaign to reward purple books but we havn’t had a brown book campaign yet.

I’ve lost all faith now the new kingdom will be changed to be blue or green. :unamused:


And yet again, the colored pet food doesn’t match the pets color in the paid pass.

Judging by Moon Phoenix’s ability, the mana generated by the Wildcards goes to the player.
Although, I have only tried this with killing the entire enemy team (which btw only creates 4 wildcards, not boosted by kills).

It’s probably due to “balance reasons”.

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@Jeto i’m not willing to try out, so please answer the following questions:

  1. will a silenced troop still have the same mana after it gets unsilenced (no matter how many wildcard gems you matched during this time)?
  2. more important: have disease any impact on wildcard gems and if so, will a 9 mana gain for a diseased troop be 4 or 5 mana?

I would like to know this too! My main d12 explore team features Gorgotha. Do I get any mana for the wildcard gem? If I do what color?