Campaign Begins: Moon Flask

Originally published at: Campaign Begins: Moon Flask – Gems of War

New Campaign Begins A brand new Campaign begins today, a rise of new were-beasts are starting to appear all over Krystara. New Heroic Gem: Lycanthropy Gem During this Campaign we will have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles, the Lycanthropy Gem. Purple Gems that drop into the battle, will have…



No mention of Wereraven?

I guess it will be the same as Shade of Kurandara in the first Campaign, right? Only drop from Glory Keys after 3-4 weeks after this Campaign ended?

I’ll go on record as not outraged by this - as long as we get max 1 boss troop requiring power orbs per year. It’s a nice discount on the usual power orb sales, for people who want to jump on it.


Broken or is it supposed to give me a random kingdom to do the Explore in, instead of Ghulvania?

I think the rerolls are intentionally not themed. You might want to reroll a [use class] task for a class that you’ve maxed, or something.

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Wereraven mentioned in the official news on the site:

  • Wereraven – It will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends.

Cool if true, and that’s a neat use of the feature. I hope you’re right, because I could see myself doing it.

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Interesting, I got the same rerolled task.

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Last campaign it also gave me Adana instead of Leonis Empire… (although it looked ok, since i’ve rerolled Leonis Empire explore tasks…)
so it’s either hard-coded as Adana or RNG streak…

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I re-rolled two bronze tasks. First gave me “win 17 battles” and the other was “win 9 explore battles in Adana”

My guess is, kingdom selection for that re-roll is broken.


What price is the elite and elite+ pass in the U.S.? Here in Aus it’s $16 and $40 (rounded).

Just for the record, Lycanthropy was already a bad thing to add to the game no one likes it, lycan gems are even worse, and so amazing they are even in delves, adding silly rng to the game is not improving anything it does the opposite.

Rerolling tasks is apprecited, just to put in something positive as well.


I’m actually tempted by the elite+ campaign now the rewards actually seem decent. I used to just buy the normal elite pass but now they’ve actually given me a decision to make.


Thanks for the info. Forget the main site even exist at this point. Though here is where to get all the official news.

Know something went wrong when I see the double line before The Moon picture. So I was right, the whole section is in fact missing!

Got all the achievement!

Too early to tell how Lycanthrophy as a debuff would effect the game at the whole, but as a trait, 50% is already too much when you bring more than one troop with it.

I use 3 Werebats + Giant Spider farming the achievement on the Adventure Board, and it was crazy. Both side got changed repeatedly!

I think lower down to 20% might work better. Still powerful, but not game-breaking with gem flood.

Magic Bonuses are one of (if not) the best parts of Campaigns.
Please have whoever is in charge rethink their approach. @Saltypatra

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Power orb, sure. But the delve “treasure”? Please get rid of them. Nobody wants a gold ring or a coin purse!!!


$9.99 and $24.99 in the US.

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Does this mean for the next 10 weeks there won’t be any Uber Skulls???

(I’ve earned 300 trophies in various game modes and have yet to see an Uber Skull.)

It has been brought to my attention that exploding the lycanthropy gems triggers the 50% chance. That is… disappointing. (I suppose if I enjoyed lycanthropy, it would be a different story.)