Bulette is broken

So it turns out Bulette is straight-up broken.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

After Bulette pushes someone to the back, he’s supposed to damage the new first enemy. Problem is, he aims all damage at the slot where the first enemy used to be. So if that slot is now empty, no damage is done at all.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Use Bulette against the first surviving enemy when the spot below them is empty.

PS: Fizzbang is still broken too, albeit on purpose. Make her explode fewer gems and boost less so the stupid either/or can be nixed.

This is exactly what I logged in to report: Bulette does the “knocking” part of its spell, but often completely forgets to do the “damage” part.

I should add this happens on iOS for me, though since the Unity port that probably doesn’t matter so much.

This bug is 100% reliable; the only requirement is that the spot behind the first enemy is vacant. The resulting shuffle from the knockback moves that vacancy to the spot that the spell targets. The correct behavior would be for the spell to recalculate the first enemy position after the knockback takes place, rather than use the old position that has been vacated.