[bug] PvP troop (hero) mana display issue

These Black Manacles (Brown/Purple) display as Red when you click for additional info.

I could almost expect this if it were green, since the Hero is an Archer…but why red?

Yeah this is a bug that’s been around for a while. I believe it’s red because the first weapon you get is Red (Crude Club). It also prevents, in the pre-battle window, the weapons stats’ from updating correctly based on the hero’s class magic bonus. It should work fine once you’re in the battle though.

EDIT: Another possible reason for the Red is a more programming one, where they might have a list of all the gem types, and it just defaults to the first type in the list that happens to be Red.

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Here’s Creeping Death doing the same thing.

yup every weapon does this bug, in that screen
luckily just a minor display issue