BUG - Arcane Traitstone Drop Rate

-noticed since the most recent gnome event (9/7-9/9) that arcane traitstones have not been dropping as often when farming explore

-confirmed with guildmates they are also having a hard time farming arcane traitstones / noticed lower drop rates

-was this intentional and i perhaps i didnt read this some where or is this a bug?

-anyone else noticing the low drop rate of arcane traitstones?

Generally, if IP2 hasn’t announced a change in drop rates, they haven’t changed, and it’s a matter of perception (or a bad luck streak).


if its a bug they wouldnt realize it to announce it. i agree could be bad luck, but its mulitple people testing this and having similar issue

Hey, this is just bad luck, no bug sorry (or not sorry?! Bugs are bad!) :slight_smile: