Arcane traitstones probabilities

Is it just me, or this week find the Arcane Traitstones is particularly hard?

Wednesday : 3 hours exploring to find 2 Blade
Thursday : 4 hours exploring to find 4 Blade
Yesterday : 3 hours exploring to find 4 Mountain
Today : 1 hour exploring (work in progress) to find 0 Mountain

Total : 11 hours to find 10 Arcane Traitstones

With my farming team (Giant Spider, Dragon Soul, Valkyrie, Venbarak) I statistically play 1 game every 2 minutes… let’s say 27 per hour…

297 games to find 10 Arcane Traitstones --> 1 every 30 games --> 3,33%

If we consider that Explore have a chances multiplier of x3… I think normally there is a 1% chance to get an Arcane Traitstone. :sob:

Before this week (with double traitstones in pvp) it seemed to me that the odds were higher.

What do you think? Someone else has done some similar statistic?

Devs, can you provide us the real percentages?

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Well, yeah, I played like 70 battles yesterday and nothing!

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you just have to keep grinding at them.

There are times I get 1-2 arcanes in 2-3 hours, and other times I get 10 arcanes in 2-3 hours.

Over the long haul, it will average out. Good luck in your search :slight_smile:

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Yes 3.33% is a bit low. Over the long term it should average out close to 6%. Be persistent!