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Buff War - He is Underpowered

War is the first Mythic troop,so i think devs should gave him a special care. At least let it be more powerful.
my idea is change his spell to “destroy all enemies’s armor,then halve the first enemy’s attack.”
What do you have in mind???


Seems reasonable. +1 to this.

Agree with the sentiment yet I feel your supposed change would actually be worse than his current spell.

War’s issue is that he can die very quickly out front and he needs to survive a couple of turns to get his spell into lethal range - so I feel changes need either take advantage of him being damaged or accelerate a second cast etc.

I think adding something with the condition ‘if damaged deal double damage’ or ‘if the target dies gain an extra turn AND 75% of mana back’, would be my preferred alterations.


I think either his traits need to change, or as suggested, he gains mana back or something. Mana recouped or healing if the target dies could work but I would rather see pyromania return over infernal armor and a boost for aspect to 4 or even 5 attack per turn. This would be a large boost, but still easily counterable with stun, entangle, etc. He is strong, but I feel the traits are what could use a buff. Then again, perhaps war with infernus might be a bit much at that point oneshotting an entire team.


Supported correctly, he is already very powerful because of high damage, burning, and high probability for extra turns. Fully traited fire class in front with triple skull damage to burning enemies (considering that he sets the entire enemy team on fire, and can potentially get an extra turn on top of it) and the ability to reliably fill War every 2 or 3 turns make him an absolute meat grinder that just gets stronger as the battle drags on.

Honestly, I think his spell should cleanse himself before resolving damage to help him shake off Entangle with the added benefit of curing Stun (yet still make Entangle/Stun valid defenses to keep him from growing). An entangled War is really pitiful, and he’s really the only mythic I can think of that is totally shut down by a single status effect (as mentioned before, Burning can help in some situations but the meat of his spell is that damage and the extra turn buff is entirely dependent on his damage output in a situational sense).

Just add “Transform into UBASTET” at the end :smiley:


Ubastet is basically War modified to be idiot powerful with no balancing. Just had another idea too: add Faerie Fire to War’s spell. That’ll shape him up real fast!

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I feel War should be a troop more oriented to take the first position so i would change his traits, specially the Mythic one:

  • Take away Infernal Armor and give Pyromania to him, but add 25% damage reduction and reflection (all damage) into Aspect of War. Burning from his spell is now relevant and allows him to kill with skulls too, his Mythic Trait keeps increasing his combat power while also punishing any enemy targeting him with attacks or spells.

He would be more tough, but nothing absurd even considering the spell damage reduction i propose, he would still have some trouble against enemies immune to burning, or constantly looping life gain, he can still be devoured, stunned, and many other problems he currently faces.


Hey, sounds good. Maybe we can do Death next, because it’s pretty sad that an Ultra-Rare bird is way stronger than a bloody Mythic with the same general spell.


Death definitely needs a buff far more than War does. A cleansing War would be more than enough to keep him scary, but Death is easily the worst mythic available.

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I agree we need a buff for War maybe make his second trait cleanse all enemys on 4 or 5 gm matches

“Sunchiken” is even better because it reborns with full status…

The problem with Death was the change to Deathmark, thanks to Death Knight’s stupid trait resulting in multiple kills without any chance to cleanse the effect.

Without too much thinking i would just adjust Death’s spell to make it “insta-kill” a random deathmarked troop. This means you could setup a single troop with Deathmark, and after that proceed to kill it with Death.

The “insta-kill” trigger would need to happen before the damage, this way Death’s own spell wouldn’t just randomly kill any troop, also since a troop was removed the remaining troops would take more damage. That’s my quick consideration.


That would be awesome buff to death good idea. However this would lead to a bunch of complaints about oh nerf death he’s to overpowered because of the insta kill

You forgot Gaguantar :blush:

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Yes he needs alot of love to

I think there are few scenarios where Death’s spell could kill a troop without giving the enemy a chance to cleanse:

  • If the enemy kills the Death Knight hero on their turn and your Death has the spell ready at your turn and casts it.
  • If you match 4+ skulls with a troops that has Deathtouch while Death spell is ready to follow-up with it’s cast.

In all the other cases the enemy had his chance to cleanse his troops if possible, and requiring a debuff and a spell to properly kill a troop just makes it half as valuable as Scorpius’ spell, and let’s be honest i’m much more confident that Scorpius teams often wins due sheer stat buff than with poison shenaningans.

We must also consider that some troops are totally immune to Deathmark which renders Death and Death Knight useless with or without this buff.

War is always a tricky mythic to use.

All traits suggest he should be in first position but Aspect of War to make real impact takes time while he’s blocking 3 mana colors sitting in the front.

That makes him vulnerable but again pushing him to the back will only waste 2 of his traits unless death came early to the troops in front.

I own War but i personally think there are better troops than him (even not mythic) and would question whether i would use him or not regardless of what buff he might get, be it cleanse or loop or whatever.

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I agree. My first and only mythic yet I haven’t touched it…

Def needs a change, for an apocalypse troop and name like WAR, it should be able to survive more than it does now…

Pls fix devs

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I get the feeling that Apocalypse Mythics might be getting some adjustments in the future, so we shall see!

Yeah, War and death need a buff, Famine needs a nerf, Xathenos is okay, and Plague is killed too easy in my opinion.
I think a sufficient nerf for famine would be scatter damage or he only uses 1/2 the drained mana