Buff Raven More

Something that I have seen in some other games is low cost weak attack that can keep repeating if it kills. I would love to see Raven’s ability give full mana for a kill on top of his extra turn. That way his Final Strike would be able to rotate all troops effectively.

My ideal Raven would be:

  • Gains full mana for kill
  • Gains extra turn for kill
  • Increase mana cost to 11, up from 10
  • Decrease his overall magic by 2 (his water spirit will make up for it)
  • Deal 10 more damage if the enemy only has 1 troop left

I could agree with that, but I’m not really interested in Raven.
Besides, I think a LOT more troops needs some changes. And not in a patch that is months away from us, but something like a quickfix.

Definitely sounds like a very interesting and cool ability that way.

I don’t have a levelled/Ascended Raven so i have no idea what his damage is fully jacked up, but i would assume it would be too powerful in spread damage teams though, chainkilling 4 troops with what 20-ish damage strikes for 11 mana?
But it would sure be awesome.

Raven fully maxed is somewhere around 20 or 21 damage without water spirit (I have it at 19 damage at legend level 19). His damage may have to be tweaked even lower to about 16 damage at level 20 + water spirit magic. I think the rework of extra turn + full mana would make him more unique as a troop.

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Leveling Raven right now, just in case :wink: