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Possible Orion Buff

So, I have been playing around with different troops, as I like to do, and was playing with Orion today.

It occurred to me that a small buff may make him quite a bit more viable in PvP. Currently his spell scales off magic but only the top end is affected. If the bottom number of that range increased as well I think he becomes a Legendary troop worthy of notice.

What do you think? Would this break him- make him OP?

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I thought this was the case originally but it wasn’t and it made me a sad panda.

Buff Orion!

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At some stage all the early game troops will need to be adjusted


I like Orion, but his spell really could use a buff or rework.

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I was also thinking of ways to buff Orion. Maybe make his 3rd trait 100% chance of avoiding armor instead of 75%?

That was the way that it used to be back in the old true shot days, combos like Centaur Scout/Glade Warden/Bone Dragon reigned supreme.

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Let’s never go back to those days.

@efh313 as @Robert says, lots of older troops could do with buffs. Here’s an older thread with lots of (mostly my) ideas: Buffs to legendary troops

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Very few troops are scaling well with the games natural power creep (someone who does is Shadow Hunter).

The gap is only going to widen when the non blue meta comes along. That could be a good time to make the changes but I guess there needs to be a decent incentive for people to want/need/spend money on the newer troops

I would change his second trait to immunity to entangle. And have his spell apply hunters mark to additional targets.
True shot is good the way it is.

I’m 100% someone asked in the past that his lower damage should scale with magic. He is a freaking legendary, he shouldn’t be doing 3 damage at any point -.-
But yeah I’m all for this change!


Ok i made a post about some needed changes: