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Bronzelock Pistol weapon not showing any info, not being boosted by effect in game

Platform, device version and operating system

  • Win 10, version, through Steam

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

  • I had just received my Bronzelock Pistol when I leveled up after an Arena battle. I then placed the weapon in the slot and continued the Arena battles. Once enough mana had generated to use my Bronzelock Pistol I noticed that there was no information whatsoever associated to the weapon on the right. The weapon itself says it is boosted by gold, but didn’t let me know by what multiple. I then proceeded to use it against an enemy after I had accumulated 9 gold pieces. I was curious to figure out the boost ratio, so I used it against an enemy with full life. The pistol was at arena level with no buffs and was doing 5 damage and supposed to be boosted by my gold. The enemy took 5 damage to her armor with no bonus. The other troops I have are Tuskar, Dragonette and Scale Guard and all of their abilities provide information in-game. I should stress this is solely occurring during play, during setup of the match the information is there on the far right hand side, stating 4:1 ratio. ** Side note: my Sword of Heroes +5 was equipped previously, but only reads “Sword of Heroes” in team display during setup, without the +5 beside it. **. The game mode was at Normal Difficulty.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • It has just happened today. July 7/18

Steps to make it happen again

  • No losses in arena, first 2-3 matches. Receive item during Arena game play, was using Sword of Heroes +5 previously. Personal character is level 87. Equip weapon in top slot, Scale Guard, Tuskar and Dragonette are the other troops for the team in that order. The game mode was “normal” difficulty.

Only the number of gems destroyed is boosted by gold collected. Damage, unfortunately, only scales with magic.

Thanks for the reply. I see what you mean, I’m not sure with how it’s worded sometimes and the weapon is new to me. The bug still stands though, there was no information in-game letting me know the ratio.