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[ANSWERED] Q: Is the new weapon, Bronzelock Pistol, only available for purchase? [A: It can be unlocked in-game]

It’s been so long since a new weapon has been released that I honestly can’t remember for sure but I feel like this is the first time a weapon has been made available to purchase before you were able to unlock it in-game first? Will this weapon be available to unlock without spending real money? If so, when and how?

Edit: I should have leveled up first to test. Looks like it is available in-game to unlock. Thanks, everyone! :smiley:


i got it after a lvl up, no money spent. since im 1000+ lvl im not sure what the requirements for unlocking it was.


Ah, ok, I haven’t leveled up yet since the update. Good to know. Thxs, @kzintiwife! :smiley:


Yeah, under next level up you will get it. However you will need to have 40/40 brown, blue masteries.
I got the weapon in the questline of Blackhawk, I must have leveled up without noticing it. So I thought I got the weapon from the quest line lol


Me too. I thought it was given with one of the quests since it is a pirate gun.

I checked my inventory and I had it; no idea when or what gave it to me. I definitely didn’t see it in my mail.

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And I can’t remember if I recieved it via in-game mail or not… :wink:

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No mail, just a level up unlock.