Broken Banner Mission System

After searching the forum and finding a thread that has map showing all the banners for each kingdom I was pretty satisfied that I hadn’t wasted much more than 10 minutes looking for something.

However this is what is broken about any and all Banner missions. There is no easy way in game to identify what banner belongs to what kingdom. I know that this was probably an oversight that was created many years ago but its time to be rectified.

I didn’t pay for this game, it was free via PS Plus, had I ran into one of these missions early on I probably would have put this game down and not come back to it. I don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new game trying to figure out what some developer was thinking when he/she was putting a system together that doesn’t explain or mach up with another system or idea freely. Kingdom banners pop up when unlocking the kindom. There are kindoms I unlocked over a year ago. Do you honestly think I remember what that kindom banner is now?

So rather than to confuse people over a mission that doesn’t explain itself that well. Either kill banner missions or take the time to list the home kingdom on each banner. Otherwise it’s stupid little things like this that make people lose interest in your game. Why should I have to search the forum for 10 minutes on a game that should have explained a simple thing such as a banner mission.

I like the forum, however there are a lot of people who will never come here. They will never know the resources that this forum has to offer and because of that simple issues like this will drive a wedge between them and their game play.

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maybe the actual banner name could be added to the task text? :slight_smile:


Agreed. After playing for a year, I know all the banners, but in my first few months of playing, I was often googling banner names trying to figure out which banner went with which Kingdom. If they just replaced “… with the banner from _____” with “the ________ banner”, it would be so much easier for new players.


That’s excessively strong. The Task banner system is not “broken”, I’ve never had a single Banner Task fail or glitch on me, or seen a single mention of that by any other player. Yes, there is a decent number of things truly broken in Gems this isn’t one. (How would you like 2 of the 4 Tasks locked and impossible to clear for months and months at a time?) That’s broken!!! and how the original v1 system behaved… thankfully now resolved.

However, the OP is absolutely correct: This set of Tasks is completely unnecessary convoluted for newer players. With a very small amount of text editing all this player confusion could be cleaned up.

Just make the Task Name match the Banner Name

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I added this to the “Quality of Life” requests thread.

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@Alpheon @GoldPhoenix0
Quick question, please refer to OP above or the 2nd post on the fourm. Is the console task text data stored server side and Verified/DLed to the client upon game launch, similar to troop text? If so can this be addressed for new players without a lot of rigmarole or is a client side patch required?

If its involved the QoL list is a great place for this change.

I’ll add it to our known issues thread and we’ll discuss it. I do agree that it would be easier to understand to have the name of the banner there.

Edit: Hmm, apologies, seems I got ahead of myself. Looking at the way the task is set up unfortunately doesn’t seem like I can do what I would like from the server. It’s on our list now though and we’ll look into it for our next update.