PS$ 11th banner not showing

I have unlocked 13 kingdom, yet I can only see the first 10 banners in the troops menu. One the the task requiere me to play with Stormheim banner, which I have but can use :(.

How do I access those 11th, 12th, 13th banner ?


All banner should be unlocked when you unlock a Kingdom. If you are missing banners you will need to contact 505 Games support.

Thank you.

I contacted them 2 days ago ( Its the holydays and my problem is minor so I guess I will have to wait some times for a fix. I was wondering is someone else had the same problem and if they manage to fix it or if only 505 can do something.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Also i’ve just notice banner #1 and #10 are the same (purple/green with spider web).

Solved : Delete + redownload game, now I can’ cycle through all the banners.