How can know what is the banner or flag that every kingdom?

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What server are you on? PC/Mobile ro PS4/XBox?

On PC/Mobile, you can just read the text descriptions… but a quick way is to just look at the color of the banner itself. IE. the Broken Spire’s Broken Banner only has Brown and Blue in its color image.

Check out @KAYA43V3R’s great visual summary which provides all the info you’re after…

i play in ps4,but i dont know what is the banner that every kingdow

thanks you very much for the help

I use the link provided above quite often myself, to check banners for specific task. Luckily my TV has computer access as well, so I can just simply hop over to the internet and I keep that page open just for this reason. … But it would still be nice to have it optioned within the game itself. Maybe have it where the banner would show when you clicked on a kingdom and you see all the contents, like adding another bubble for this, where you can make that kingdom you home kingdom. (For easier access and not having to refer back to a webpage)