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Bring Me The Horizon guild have vacancies

We’re a friendly guild, ranked in the top 250. We’re looking for active players to fill our ranks after a few key members dropped out over Christmas.

All we ask is a minimum 200K contribution to tasks each week and active participation in Guild Wars. We usually reach the 20K guild seals and occasionally have a big push to hit the 40K level but we need a full roster to have a chance of that.

Join us for fun and rewards.

Three spare slots in the guild this week. With the changes to Guild Events from this week, it’s an ideal time to join a guild.

Hi there. Myself and a friend just started getting into the game and we’re looking for an active guild. We’re both still leveling kingdoms so we probably can’t contribute 200k/wk, but we’re both good for 1500 seals/500 trophies/all guild war games played every week. Let me know if you have two spots, thanks.

If you can contribute 500 trophies and over 1000 seals then you are both very welcome to join the guild. We’re rebuilding after losing some key members at the end of last year so I want active players just like you. Once you’ve levelled your kingdoms, you’ll find it fairly easy to hit the 200K contribution.

I’ll check no-one has filled the vacant slots (as soon as the the current server problems have been sorted out). If you send me your invite codes in the meantime, I’ll add you to the guild as soon as I can.

@HHofGems - Sorry, the guild is now full again. But there are a few candidates for being kicked at the end of this week (I give members chance to get themselves out of the drop zone before they are kicked).

If you are still looking for a guild at the end of this week, send me your invite codes and you’re in.

Can you send me inv if you have space soon please. Weekly demands not a prob.

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Hello if you do get a opening can you send me inv please? Guild i am in is dying slowly.
Your weekly is no problem :wink: