Bring back dual progression for cities

I loved that pre 1.0.7 that souls were used for levelling troops and that then increased city level. Although city levelling now feels faster, I miss the efficiency I felt under the old system, where the one resource would help on two fronts (troops and cities). I have an idea to bring it back.

I think when you level each city, you should get a small cache of souls to level troops. Nothing huge, maybe start small for level 2 and get a bigger chest at 10.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Tell him he’s dreaming?

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Souls are planned for more satisfying use in the future. Whether that will be in 1.0.8 of later is unknown presently, but leveling troops will be worth it.

In the mean time, focus on collecting gold to level kingdoms, and save your souls for troops you’re using or plan to use in the future.

Gold has been provided an additional purposeful use aside from guild tasks, while souls have lost that additional purpose. It’s a fair trade, and souls will will acquire purpose again, just not for kingdoms.

At first I agreed with you choke; I don’t have any cities levelled to 10. But after thinking about it, I do believe the new system is better. I have one at level 9, one at level 6, rest at level 4.

  1. eventually, with the old system, because it requires a troop to level up, you could be stuck being unable to level up a city if you did not have a particular troop.

  2. old system, you had to level a troop to 15. Now, you can leave it at level 10 or 12; generally I think it’s almost as effective depending on the troop. Since the last 3 levels are at least 1000 souls, this allows new players to try out more troops

  3. old system required a lot of souls to even have level 2 cities. New system, you can increase your cities to level 3 without too much gold. This will allow tributes to start flowing in with glory, souls, gems, and gold. Those little bits add up!

Overall, I think the new system allows player to play how they want (mainly); new players will still have to play arena, but hopefully their gold shortage ends quickly and they can focus on their cities a bit.

The quests and challenges were a fun part of learning the game, would be nice if they generated enough gold to buy two kingdom levels each … ie finishing all quests results in a level 2 kingdom, finishing all challenges gives enough gold for a level 4 kingdom …



I did not do any maths but it still feels like you are better off doing invasions, arena or treasure maps instead judging from the gold/time ratio.

They used to have dueling!? I’ve played since launch and never saw Dueling! Was it in beta or something?

Agree with this and something I think @Archenassa posted elsewhere - there’s no incentive currently to do all the challenges and reduced incentive to do the quests.

Personally I think:

  • challenges are a little daft and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they were removed - if they stay then there should be a unique reward that makes them worth bothering with
  • quests are the most interesting and fun part of the game and also net you an epic card - I’m baffled why some players don’t play it through as soon as they can - but then I’m a huge RPG fan and it’s the closest this game comes to plot - quests take the most devs effort of any part of the game (and localisation cost) so I think they need better rewards

How about:

  • up to 8 kingdom levels can be bought with gold
  • the last two levels can only be got by finishing quests and challenges


Well, I can’t speak for every other player out there, but here are the two reasons my friend didn’t do all quests:

  • he already got the epic card from a chest, so doesn’t feel the urge to complete it to get to it
  • it takes a pretty long time

However, if you were to bring back quests and challenges to level up the kingdom, it should be for the early levels I think, or you’d have to rebalance the whole leveling cost.

Exactly what I was thinking. Or else kingdom leveling would jump automatically from 8 to 10 for players who pay for the level-up from 7 to 8 and who have completed the quests and challenges.

I’m still (as I said above) puzzled, and slightly saddened… that people aren’t doing the quests… for me they’re the best part of the game - bring back PuzzleQuest…

I enjoyed the quests a lot! The challenges not so much…

There’s the “collection” option that is currently greyed out… Maybe that will require that you do the quests and/or challenges.

Oooo maybe there will be multiple quest lines with different rewards at the end. Maybe special components needed to make cards mythic or something. Would be cool! Probably not, because the workload would be insane writing and balancing all the encounters, but it would definitely be cool!