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Bounty is only 20 level?

Hi there, Folks,
I can not carry on the bounty from level 20, even if l still have sigils. I remember last time l could play until l had run out of sigils. What is this about? Thanks.

You can endlessly replay the level 20 battle.

Really, you can replay any of the difficulty levels, but 20 is how to get the most points.

Also, as a tangent — the code does exist for allowing the user to select previously beaten levels, so making delve-level selectable/reversible should be a thing so that folks can farm wherever they want, or get a pure run at 300 if they forgot and skipped, etc…


But there are plenty of levels in that bounty. Why did it change so that l can play again and again the same level? It just does not have any sense at all for me. If you say so, you can also play the first level over and over of GoW game, this is senseless.

20 has always been the max. You may be thinking of a different event.


Yep, always has been 20. The most boring event they have. Same battle, over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And when you can’t take it any more, guess what, you still have more to go. If it wasn’t for the best rewards of any event it would be a hard pass for me.

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But there are many many more possibly levels. But the game stops at level 20. I attached the pictures.

Circled with red is rewards, not game levels.

You get points for finishing any of the 20 levels in the picture below and you can repeat any of the unlocked levels for as long as it takes to collect enough points.

It has always worked like this - since the very first time Bounties were introduced don’t-even-remeber-how-long ago.


Since 16th March '18, almost 3 and a half year.