Bounty (Mist of Scales)

Hi everyone, it’s bounty and it’s time to share good team again to maximise points

So since level 20 is hard and risky i decided to only make level 19 with 3 bounty troops and hero. The level 19 is really easy, you only need to focus on killing 2 troops since the 2 other are only gem creators

So this is what i use for this week

Sister superior
Hero danwbringer (bard)
Bounty capitain
(Shentang banner)

X24 bonus since all mythic and it also giving griffen pet bonus for using 4x yellow troops

What about you guys?


No lost so far, and first time i reach lv 20 rewards!!! Wooooooohoooo lol


I lost a ton of fight today on bounty… That Darn Scale Guard that 2 shot anything and on stage 16 he is the only red troops… Ya Guess what… You DIE!

But some other stage are way easier

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I only played stage 20 1 time. Forget that non-sense. Not even worth beating it to say you beat it.