Bone Dragon, one question

Um, that’s NOT what I said. :+1:

hahaha he said drop the damage and make it deal true damage. He left out the part about scaling to enemy armor as current. :laughing:

another wild idea:

destroy [magic x 3] armor and create x skulls boosted by enemy armor LEFT

cant even imagine how exactly would that work, too sick to think well :sweat_smile:

finding something that would disadvantage the mechanic only at end game while leaving the way skulls work now seems complicated matter

Well that’s kind of implied in “drop the damage”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I still think they just need to limit how many skulls actually show up. Even though some people complained a long time back, I think overall he was never really an issue until a few troops were released to buff him up. Manticore and Courage mainly. Whatever nerf they think of has to have Courage added into it. Courage just makes him way too effective.

Once you limit the amount of skulls that show up, perhaps nerf courage a bit, and add a few more counters like the Gloom Leaf I proposed, I think we’ll be in a good place.

And actually if you look at it closely, Bone Dragon and Courage are mainly effective because they turn OTHER troops into kill machines. Wraith with these two is just crazy powerful. Not to mention Wraith itself is too strong.

So that’s the biggest problem. All these troops added together just equal more and more power. Too much +++++ and not enough negatives.


There’s actually two problems with BD, IMO.

  1. The buffers feed off of skull “clumps” that are, in the case of BD, enumerated incorrectly. A contiguous match should count as one match, even if there’s 30 skulls in it. If you solve this, Courage really isn’t OP at all, at least not like some people are used to seeing him. I use Courage with non-BD teams and his effect is much more subtle.

  2. Basic attributes have scaled WAY past where they used to be. BD generates so many skulls, especially in the end-game, because every troop has HUGE armor. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse the power creep so the only option is to change the way the number of skulls is scaled in the first place.

Personally, I hope EK is also on the list of over-achievers and that Carnex is on the list of under-achievers. I really want to like Carnex.


Never really had a problem with BD just make sure that either he or troop in 1st place is entangled. Does mean that can only use a limited number of troops against him (ie 1 - sylvimora).

Do agree that he needs toning down a bit though

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nerf that weapon which gives +10to all stats if you kill enemy with it.
it’s too op in arena
and buff poison

I really wish we knew which troops the devs consider OP.

I sincerely hope dragon soul is not one because he has been a staple on my team since release and feels perfect for getting souls and still being effective. He has a nice skill that scales in an interesting way. And the only complaint I have is his genetic trait so I hope we hear news of a replacement there.

I find it annoying that people think courage and justice are OP because they have always been fairly easy for me to beat while feeling decent on offense. They have a huge drawback with their huge misfire capability. So if the strength is tuned down then those troops will be useless for me. And I’ve never considered them sooo OP. Have mercy on unlucky people :stuck_out_tongue:

But if it’s truly best for the game I’ll accept it and never use those troops again. I just hope the goal is to make every troop useful and usable and buff up a lot of underperformers and obviously nerf the really OP troops.

But I am happy to hear about the bone dragon change. Maybe then I won’t face him every battle.


Even if you say the guardians aren’t OP, when they fix Bone Dragon, courage will still boost him probably back to somewhat current damage.

And we’re in agreement here, the guardians themselves I wouldn’t necessarily say are OP alone. The problem is they only make strong troops even stronger, lifting them to OP heights.

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I’d love to see something like a Dev target list. What they’re looking at and considering changing, so that we can know what to expect.

For Bone Dragon, I honestly don’t have any good solutions to propose. Only thing I can think of is to change his spell, but in a way that keeps the feeling of “stripping the flesh”, which I know they’re already working on. Oh, and raising the mana cost by one would slow it down quite a bit, as it can currently get to max in two surges at +1 of its mana color. I’d still vouch for a cost of 16 though.

For Guardians, my proposed change is simple. Firstly, halve Justice’s boost ratio. That’s absurd. Secondly, just make it so that they can’t spawn skulls.

For EK, giving him two extra magic and changing true damage to regular works. He’d STILL be incredibly strong, but he’d fit well in the 14-16 mana range as opposed to the like 18-20 mana worth of value you can get out of a cast now.

I do not think Famine needs a nerf. It is too slow, already. Maybe increase cost again?

Also I’d like to see a jump in mana cost on Deep Borer to 10. Because having it at 9 just feels dirty. And not the kind of dirty you get from digging down deep in the earth. At 9, it’s possible to get him full in one gem match, even without the Mechanist trait. +2 blue banner (Lion?) is all it needs with that Water Link trait it has. And that just enables a bunch of free brown gems that empower things like Famine or EK or Bone Dragon. ESPECIALLY Bone Dragon.

I’d like to see buffs to a lot of troops, though. Archon Statue is something I’d like to see a bit of love for, personally. For legends, Carnex, Gloom Leaf, and Venoxia come to mind immediately for slight reworks. Webspinner could use a little buff as well. Maybe a point or two more Magic?


Nerf BD, Khorv, Guardians, Justice in particular, and Deep Borer
Leave Famine alone. Famine is fine.
Buff: Archon Statue, Carnex, Venoxia, Webspinner, and Gloom Leaf


Very good suggesting all the way around. Great lists and I agree with almost all of your points.

I am fighting very hard not to over-react to this much-welcome news!!!111111111ONEoneWon1


Yes. Yes, we did.


Justices boost ratio shouldn’t be halved… lowered by a bit perhaps but that’s pretty drastic.

And limiting it to no skulls would cripple them and ruin the ability to use them effectively in skull teams, which is unfair.
I don’t agree with either of those, no offense. But good points elsewhere.

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Justice boosts two attributes, making the boost ratio twice as strong. Cutting it in half brings its stat boosts in line with the rest of the guardians.

That’s… the point. Justice skull span invade teams are too strong, and the only way to nerf it is to remove it. This doesn’t completely remove Guardian viability. Their buffs are STILL incredibly powerful. But removing them from the ALREADY DENSE skull spam team category. This might open up other invasion strategies to be viable, and might actually restore my interest in the game.

In an ideal world, I’d be on board with them not creating skulls.

Unfortunately, I think the skull spam is necessary to keep pace with spells like Maw and Kraken. Spells almost rule the game as it is. If you took away two of the primary skull generators then there would be even less use for skull damage and attack boosting.

We already see teams like Green Seer, Giant Spider, Kraken, Kraken. It’s essentially long-range artillery.

Two words. Queen Mab.

Congrats, team countered.

Khorv/Valk/Mab/Mercy is an old meta team that can absolutely SLAUGHTER that. Looping teams are fairly easy to counter.

Two guardians are OP, two are situationally useful, and two suck. I think it’s a mistake to talk about them collectively being OP or making changes that effect all of them.