Beating a (un)dead horse again

@Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Saltypatra,

Can you please give us any information regarding Bone Dragon’s status. This is getting REALLY old and I’m honestly ready to just quit playing.

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Sorry to hear that @htismaqe; I don’t personally have an issue with BD but I also don’t constantly get 3 of him to fight each time. And while I don’t have a problem with him, the fact that you and so many other players do speaks to some kind of issue. I’m not sure if nerfing him is the answer (maybe it is) but some kind of change is definitely necessary. I don’t want to constantly go up against 3 of any card: boring!

Check your settings, make sure ‘Bone Dragon’ has no hook. My pleasure to help players like you. :slight_smile:



That’s awesome.

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Yeah, it’s not that he’s hard to beat, it’s that he’s far enough above the power curve that everybody is using him.

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Fixed your image for you:


Sirrian said the fix is in (the works)

Here is your fix in the mean time:

Unicorn Banner
Dire Wolf
Green Seer
Shadow Dragon
Giant Spider

3-match of purple = you win. TRUST KRUDLER ON THIS ONE

edit: Figured this deserved it’s own post with some options: Until Bone Dragon gets re-adjusted


I want to use the vent troop to get the extra glory. :wink:

And by the way, I have plenty of other teams that counter Bone Dragon, I’m just sick of seeing him. Today he’s been in all but THREE of my matches.

Here is Sirrian’s answer about it.


Yeah he knew what Sirrian’s answer was. I think he wanted something more definitive for whatever reason. Somehow stay tuned for 3.0 isn’t good enough. He needs dates Nimhain. Oh what’s that you can’t give them? Oh.

We are all prepared for the amount of BD threads that will pop up between now and then.


Yeah that response was originally directed at me. I don’t expect specifics but some sense of timing wouldn’t be out of line. If the answer is 1-2 months that’s significantly different than 4-5. Having some sense of how much longer we have to suffer this would go along way.

Can it at least have a mana cost increase in the short term? Push it up to 17 so it’s out of reach of two successive surges… change it back (if appropriate) when the fix is agreed and implemented…

Oh and do Khorvash a few points up while you’re at it…


EK. Mab. Crimson Cheeseburger. Ban any player that uses two or more of them on defense.

Thank you, I couldn’t find that post!

Man we all feel the pain but that’s just not how changes to games are made.

Speaking in a broad sense (as I have no specifics for IP2 and even if I did…) what you see emerging on your PC in a playable state is any number of months if not a year behind what the developers are up to.

Even a change that seems “trivial” to a player can have profound implications on the other side of the world. Remember that this game is on multiple platforms, multiple languages, etc. There is no such thing as a small change because even something tiny cascades down the line.

Outside of highly-critical issues that impact business, changes need to be handled as part of a structured development process.

The continued power creep in this game is going to become a business issue. In fact, it sounds like consoles already have a churn problem (anecdotal of course).

I see what you’re saying, yes. There are always different forces and goals to balance against each other.

Yeah, you try to add just enough to one side of the seesaw to balance out the other. Unfortunately, the last 6 months of troops in this game suggest that the Devs are happier retrofitting that seesaw into a catapult.

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