Bombot - Self-destruct /before/ exploding board

Is it possible that, when you use Bombot’s “Kaboom!”, it deals damage and destroys itself before exploding 2 random gems? It sucks that it mana-blocks other Brown troops right before dying.


I see someone’s been playing with their new unlocked hero class :stuck_out_tongue:
But your idea is on point, a troop that’s killing itself shouldnt be taking any mana.

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Not newly unlocked, but newly traited =)

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I stand corrected, but what you said is what I ment :slight_smile:

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'+1 to this

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Just put a brown troop above the bombot :raised_hands: Problem solved :sunglasses: #unhelpfulgowsuggestions


Wait, did it always work like this? I would have sworn that I could use my bombots to feed any mana type to stuff below it. Maybe it was just matches from cascades, though.

In other (slightly) related news, Life Drain still prevents Bombot from killing. Well, I guess there is always next patch.



It is so irritating to see mana go into a troop that is about to self-destruct.

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I have stewed on this every since creating my Bombot explore machine, but the ONLY reason I never mentioned it was the wording on the card clearly reads:

First, Explode 2 Random Gems. <— They even used a period!
Then, Deal 9 dmg to all enemies, boosted by my armor and destroy myself.

In my mind that meant it was a design choice to prevent the exact thing we are trying to do, cascade our Bombots… :cry:

:thinking: “Cascading Bombots” :thinking:

:grin: I LIKE!! :grin:


I noticed that, too. That’s why I humbly requested this change to Bombot, instead of asking if it was working properly and outright saying it was just broken. =)

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Misinterpreted OP, my apologies. If we are requesting, then…

YES, I AGREE, please rework the wording and order of spell function so that Bombot does not Mana Block brown from whatever may be behind him!!

Also, while we are requesting… the Life Drain after death is really annoying. Not broken necessarily, but VERY annoying Let’s change that too!!

Also, Kerberos’ Gate Guardian will summon a Warg to an open spot if someone dies Before Kerby. I understand that Bombot just died, but it tends to slow things down a bit…