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Bombot filling himself before exploding

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Casting bombot I expected his explosions to fill the next brown troops, but the brown mana goes to him before he dies. taking the mana with him.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I was curious if this was the way it is actually intended to work. The way the text reads it is. It just seems odd to give himself mana only to die.

Well, if you read the text in order, it explodes gems, THEN deals damage, THEN kills itself. So if we assume things happen in the order they’re printed, it would fill itself in that scenario.

That implies you should put Bombot near the bottom of your team and kill it off early, so it can fill other troops instead of itself.

Can’t really put him elsewhere, otherwise the other brown troops would fill before bombot, making it less efficient. They would be full mana already when bombot dies so the mana would go to him anyway. This is a bombot team for fast explores I am working with here.

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My Bombot team was Elspeth, Bombot, Bombot, {something else brown} and worked like:

  • Use Elspeth to kill the brown guy.
  • At least one Bombot is online, explode it.
  • Maybe the other is online, either explode it or fill it.

I didn’t find it worked really well. Lately I use Sunbird and Firebomb x3.

Your something else brown should be hero, mechanist class, works better then sunbird teams in my opinion. Elspeth/bombot/Silver sword(hero)/troglodyte.

The advantages of the Sunbird team are 1) you don’t have to target anything, just use 2 Firebombs then Sunbird, and 2) it only needs those three troops, so you can put a Pharos-Ra in the fourth slot for at least a tiny trickle of Souls while you churn Explores.

I tried sunbirds for a while, you have to cast 3 times most of the time with that team, bombots only two most of the time, There are less actions. 3 casts at most. Sunbird/firebombx3 i sometimes had to cast all 4. I had pharos ra in my bombot team for a while too, Elspeth/bombot/pharos ra/ hero(silver sword) Sac the hero, sometimes pharos ra filled, here I made a video with him

I didn’t get to cast pharos with sunbird team very often

Is this still a bug report or a discussion around team building? Let me know if it’s the later and I’ll move the post.

In order to fulfill his spell he naturally fills up his own mana before killing himself (that’s so dark heh). This is working as intended but we might look into changing this in the future!


Thanks Cyrup, it was still supposed to be bug report, it did get a little derailed. Thanks for the response!

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If you’re not wiping the entire board in 2 Sunbird casts (usually only 1), that means you’re not playing on normal, and you’re doing it wrong. Explore = traitstone farming = normal difficulty. Fast wins= fast loot. I’ve used the Bombot team, and nothing’s faster than Sunbird/Fire Bomb. Nothing. And with the Sunbird team, you can actually keep your Hero as a useful class like, say, Bard.

Of course on normal, never said anything about the number of bird casts though. 3 spells…, meaning it seemed to take 2 firebombs to fill the bird. When needing to cast the bird twice, it is a minimum of 4 actions, bomb/bird, bomb/bird. With bombot team its 3 actions to win at the minimum (elspeth/bmbot/hero). Bird seems to need a second cast more often. I think the difference in speed between the 2 teams is really small, Use what you like :wink: Bard is not necessary, having dawnbringer half full at the start of the match is actually kind of useful.

I see what you mean now; however, concerning Bard Class, I like it because it makes the whole team stronger each turn, and with Infernus, that extra damage can add up quick.

If you use elspeth bombot brown hero troglodyte, kraken banner, especially if you’re using a 50% starting mana class, then it’s possible to win on the first turn just matching 3 browns then casting BB.
Fire bombs are a nice alternative but are more useful in event farming. For example:
Current event gives 5 extra glory for using the sister of shadows in pvp, so you can farm casual pvp with Sunbird, forest guardian, sister of shadows, firebomb (abyssal banner).
That’s much easier than trying to shoehorn sis into a bombot team and knackering the job up !
Last week i just put florian in place where sis is currently for the double traitstone event.

Any reason you’re not using Sunbird/Ogryn/Firebomb/Forest Guardian (or Sunbird/Firebomb/Firebomb/Forest Guardian if you don’t have Ogryn full traited) for speed? You start with half full Mana when you have FG traited, meaning you only need to set off one Firebomb to fill Sunbird completely. And if you have the stats boost from Ogryn’s third trait, that is usually all you need, meaning a two-turn battle.


Mostly the reason is traitstones, and not really appreciating the power of Ogryn until recently.

On-topic: I think sometimes the “bad part” of a character is meant as balance. This “flaw” in Bombot seems sort of meant to make it not quite as good on purpose.


Aah, I see. Well, if Forest Guardian and Ogryn are not fully traited yet, then 3x Firebomb is the best way to go with Sunbird indeed.
I can only recommend working on at least FG, though - it’s a good troop overall with its skill and doesn’t just save a Firebomb explosion in a Sunbird explore team, but can also be used in other teams. Ogryn is more situational (but does love Titania a lot; even after event week my Titania/3xOgryn team does very well in PVP defense).

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Oh my… So that is what casual PvP is for :man_facepalming:


do it monday and tuesday or longer and hit pvp to get the rewards later on. you can even crank it up to warlord 2/3 for extra xp and rewards if you want.

FYI, Fire Bomb works the same way as Bombot - it explodes gems (possibly giving itself mana) and then dies. I was surprised to see it happen, but I guess it makes sense.