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Life Drain trait, Bombot's spell

While exploring with a Bombot team, I had an enemy Wight survive both explosions. With exactly 4 life each time.

It appears that the Life Drain trait triggers after Bombot does lethal damage and self-destructs, but before the code checks for whether the enemy troop is dead.

Curiously, when I tried to use a Dwarven Slayer on a Vampire Lord, things worked exactly as expected.

Is this the intended behavior? I’m inclined to say no.

This was a problem with Sacrificial Priest when it was first released, too. Not sure if it still is. For now, I’d recommend bringing some form of split damage to clean up.

Interesting. Could move this to support, not sure.

I thought about it, but didn’t have strong feelings either way. Figured gameplay chat would get more user response, but support might get more dev response.

…Devs? @nimhain? Can anyone reproduce this?

We are aware of players seeing this.

We want to look at how the game is handling the order of resolution of effects. It will require a Client update but we don’t have an ETA at this stage.

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