Blow the Man Down

Originally published at: Blow the Man Down – Gems of War

New Epic Troop: First Mate Axlubber First Mate Axlubber will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Legendary Troop: Captain Macaw Captain Macaw will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week,…


Whoever is in charge of the art is doing exceptional work. I love the look of both troops! :balloon::heart:


Axelubber ability isn’t named “red tide”? C’mon

Wow both of the characters style and aspect looks great.


So where’s the counter mechanic that allows me to unsubmerge troops that aren’t themselves?


Likely a long way away, yet. We’re likely to go through an entire new meta phase of troops with “Kill troops with X positive status effect” active abilities, before the counters to those troops will be released. After all, there’s no point in developing a new meta if it doesn’t get to run unchecked for awhile.


Any action taken by a troop will remove submerge on that troop. Unless facing a loop defense, it shouldn’t be hard to counter.

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This is true. It’s more about being a proof of concept. We’ve already had units that Kill when a negative status effect has been applied (see Scorpius). However, this is the first time that we’ve seen a unit with Kill when a positive status effect has been applied.

This means the groundwork has been laid internally for an ability that will Kill a unit that is Enchanted, Blessed, and so on. Submerge, as you note, is a relatively easy positive status effect to self-dispel. Other positive status effects are somewhat more difficult to self-dispel (casting for Enchant or Bless for example).

Frankly, a troop like this makes wonder when some Ultra-Rare or Epic troop is going to come along down the road that is will come along with an active ability that says “Target first troop. Kill that unit if it is has Barrier” as a easily accessible tankbuster unit.

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This could already be a tank buster IF the tank uses the new mirror weapon. It applies everything including submerge

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Not the first time - we already have Mosasaurus (from the same Blackhawk), which has “50% chance to Devour if the enemy is submerged”.


These look great, team. Well done.

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Can the team confirm the interaction that occurs with Troops that Submerge themselves upon receiving damage, e.g. Tidecaller hero, Crab Man (Sunken Fleet)?


As weird as it sounds, while I’m using Krampus and Captain Macaw, I have a better appreciation for Krampus and it has nothing to do with Captain Macaw.

Although, I can appreciate Jar of Eyes + Corsair + Captain Macaw.

As for the actual gimmick, eh… it can work, though I doubt a real “new meta” will come from this, which is fine for me.

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The art continues to deliver. It’s a shame Captain Macaw’s art stops at the waist, just like with Horse Lord :wink:

RE: instakill submerged troops, thats’ interesting. I see a few teams trying to rely on submerge, but these days my biggest, baddest teams aren’t really using AoE. I don’t think this will shift much around. Wake me up when it’s “deal damage to the last two enemies, if either enemy is Stealthy, kill it.”

Barbarians are great at breaking thru enemy ranks and wreaking havoc. Still a few weeks away, plenty of time to change 3rd trait. All in favour?

Meh, worth a shot.


Good question

Extremely limited troop. Potentially useful in delves when submerge is a factor. Apart from that it’s about as legendary as a pea shooter.

50% starting mana for Rogues. No matter how bad the spell, there will be teams that make good use of that trait.


Rogues have numerous fast start opportunities already.