Black Dragon Court (BDC) Recruitment: Black Dragon (29/30), 30 Secs 2 Match (30/30), Utopia’s Brothers (29/30), Gems o/t Ostfront (30/30)



The Black Dragon Court (BDC) is a family of independently run guilds with a common council & discord server, where competition, fun, teamwork & commoraderie are key. Over 120 players (many veterans) available to help & motivate.

The participating guilds are:

Black Dragon , top tier guild
Utopia’s Brothers , top/mid-tier guild
30 Secs 2 Match , top/mid-tier guild
Gems of the Ostfront , mid-tier guild

Every guild welcomes members meeting their rules & requirements as follows:

Guild Trophies Gold Seals GW Bracket
Black Dragon 300 750.000 1.500 30 battles 1-2
Utopia’s Brothers 300 400.000 1.500 30 battles 2-4
30 Secs 2 Match 0 500.000 1.000 30 battles 2-4
Gems of the Ostfront 0 400.000 1.000 30 battles 5-7

Curious? Then find yourself welcome on our discord server to check out the detailed requirements for each guild to see where you fit best and chat with us:



The Black Dragon Court (BDC) will have limited openings in the following member guilds after GWs ends:

Black Dragon
Utopia’s Brothers (Italian guild)

See above for guild specific requirements.

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