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Black Dragon Court (BDC)


We are an organized community of nine active guilds sharing one discord server to communicate and collaborate. All of our guilds have equal ground within the alliance and their own sets of private channels. We respect our player’s wishes and it is up to them how they move within our alliance.

Find us here Black Dragon Court

We are currently recruiting for our top GWs guilds Black Dragon and Power Gems. If you are interested in any of the other guilds you can join our server and ask about upcoming spots. Descriptions for all guilds below. Roster moves are generally done at the end of the game week.


Top English speaking Guild Wars guild. Our focus is strongly on GWs and on other weeks we are pretty relaxed. We close all Events, do Legendary Tasks weekly and prepare for the next GWs! The environment here is very supportive and we will help you grow your GWs skills no matter where you are now. If you love GWs stop by our discord!

Weekly reqs: 1m gold, 1500 seals, Event participation

Guild Wars: 30 battles, preferred score 52k+ in B1


Come battle with Power Gems in Guild Wars! Here you can meet friendly people from around the globe, benefit from a vast support network of experience and enjoy a laid back atmosphere while still being competitive in GWs. We complete all events, do some Legendary Tasks and most importantly have fun! Sounds too good to be true? Apply today and be amazed!

Weekly reqs: 800k gold, 1500 seals, Event participation

Guild Wars: 30 battles, preferred score 45k+ (bracket 1-2)


We are a high production, relaxed guild that completes events and epic tasks weekly. We don’t encourage Guild Wars in fact we prefer you not to do them!!! Sound like your type of thing? Feel free to stop by!

Weekly reqs: 1.6m gold, 1500 seals, Event participation (GW is optional)

30 SECS 2 MATCH (30s)

Looking for a fun & competitive guild wars but not looking to make it your day job? Are you personable, play nice with others, maybe even funny occasionally? Then come hang out & have fun with 30 Secs 2 Match. We complete all weekly guild events, 2-4 ETs weekly, and LTs during GW week. A fun but competitive place to play GWs in B3 without high pressure! Did we mention we’re FUN?

Weekly reqs: 600k gold (1m on GW weeks), 1000 seals, Event participation

Guild Wars: 30 battles, preferred score 40k+ (bracket 2-5)


Laid back, friendly guild that completes all basic Guild tasks and 2-3 ETs (all ETs on GW week) and closes all events. GW is mandatory but we just ask that you do your 30 battles, no pressure to win (although we certainly offer help and advice if you want to improve). Come check us out if this sounds like your style of play!

Weekly reqs: 500k gold, 1000 seals (1350 on mythic week), Event participation, 30 GW battles


The Lair provides a place for players to sharpen their skills (and axes) at the base of the competitive Guild Wars mountain. Consistently in the B3-B5 range, the Lair completes all events weekly, all basic tasks, 2-3 ETS, and LTs on GW weeks. The Lair is a great place for players to increase their knowledge and skills. We promise the wyverns don’t bite - much.

Weekly reqs: 500k gold, 1000 seals, event participation, 30 GW battles


We are here to help you at Dark Phoenix Fire!
If better, stronger, faster is what you desire,
Come to a place where we ALL do our share,
To finish events with time to spare!
Dark Phoenix Fire can be your new home.
In the BDC family, you’re never alone!

Weekly reqs: 500k gold, 1500 seals, Event participation (GW is optional)


Casual guild for BDC Alliance. Members can enjoy the game and participate in events at a leisurely pace. KoF is a fun, talkative, and helpful group of players with a variety of experience. The GM duties are split by two long time veteran members of the BDC council. Players with kingdoms at level 10 are welcome!

Weekly reqs: 250k gold, 750 seals. some event reqs


Friendly and helpful starter guild for the Black Dragon Court. Players who are working on their kingdoms are free from gold donations until they are completed and we always finish blue tasks for max weekly gems. We have guides and multiple channels for questions on our discord server. The GM duties are split by two long time veterans of the BDC council. Players of all levels and experiences are welcome!

Weekly reqs: no gold/100k gold (based on kingdom progress), 750 seals

To join or inquire about any guild please find us on discord at: Black Dragon Court