1283 Seeking Guild

Level 1283, seeking high-level guild.

I’m your bread-and-butter player: pretty laid back, but long-term active. If it’s a good fit, your guild will have a slot filled with an active player for years to come.

My weekly personal goals are not astronomical, but they’ll always be met, every single week that I’m in your guild.

1m gold/week
Max seals weekly
Minimum 100 trophies, usually much more (definitely more with the new update).

I may be able to increase my goals a little for the right guild, but not by a ton.

English speaking guilds only, please. I’m not as smart as you bilingual folks! :slight_smile:

Please post your guild’s info here.

Edit: A guild has been chosen! I’ll be back if it doesn’t work out for some reason, but it looks like it’ll be a good fit. Thanks all!

We have a few guild options here. All English speaking only. Discord required. Pop onto our discord server and we can discuss what guild might be the best fit for you. all guild’s but our starter complete all events and all regular tasks. Epic tasks are still to be seen but anticipate completion in at least Black Dragon maybe more.

Look up the FluffyUndeadKritters, jumpmin and see if you fit

@Altheora: Marshal Law, rank 60 and kicks ass, needs 1!! Those donations would be great, but are min reqs are 400k/1500s/200t/gw/discord. We get between 25-50 LTs/ week (before 4.7 update)

Hit me up on discord- crazy lady#6159

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