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Better sounds for rewards+ receiving cards

swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh…

In all seriousness, the new sounds are very bland when receiving rewards.

It is bad enough the feeling from each new surprise card unlocked, is instantly replaced with the next card being just as bland. Killing the mood & replacing the feeling with monotony is going sdrawkcab not forwards.

Before it was a extremely well paced interval, & each reward added additional depth in theme by audio clip per card which greatly maintained a hook or pull effect which added to the immersion & replay-ability.

This anti-climatic swoosh is lacking even for a placeholder effect.

It needs to either have a chain with the drama like a heavy bass on top of a single engaging fanfare, or it needs to rise to the dramatic theme that increases over the time of receiving cards; like in 10 - 20 - 50 card draw sets, keeping a rhythm to beat based on length of receiving new cards.

Truthfully: The one thing you should and could have kept was the sound effects and pace of getting cards

(or just a skip option that didn’t have some idiotic play all sounds at once issue which was where your main optimization suffered from in audio, immersion, and lag).

We had a option to skip the getting the slow over dramatic card themes if they got to be “bland or annoying”, which in the 6 months of playing NEVER was A issue for most of us.

Why remove both the pace and the audio just to find who liked what?

Make it a option to choose a fast load Instant reward system, or choose a slow dramatic reward system. That is a speed based adjustment with a audio file. It wont take up much ram memory or room; and other than the usual “Team Feel Direction”, it did not need to be pulled or changed only a simple EDIT would have sufficed and would easily been timed with a overlay.

I get you like big changes but it speaks more of a paranoia, if you want to addict and hook players while being a free play system then use harmonics and hypnotics, use the psychology of color, do some actual reading into the fields of color association and binaural tones.

You had a amazing game that Was hip and trendy with a few bugs in the audio. So i don’t get the cyberpunk 2018+ EDM theme your trying to work in for a magical stone age, as some would say this is madness! not magnus.

I cant even imagine the additional update costs that could have been saved if it was smarter not harder.