Please adjust the new Campaign Reward Graphical Layout

picture from Fourdottwoone’s post

I prefer the old graphical layout to be very honest. In the strong likelihood we can’t go back to the old design, I encourage the art design team to change the Paid track from whatever that is to match the Free Pass track.

Or better yet, get rid of the gold diamond bordering around the rewards completely. It is not needed.

As they say, less is more.

The free pass gold bordering is overpowering, but the paid track’s bordering is actively fighting the rewards for attention. When I’m being asked to buy a Campaign Pass, am I supposed to care about the Reward Bordering or the Rewards itself?

Tone all of that graphical noise down and let the rewards do the talking.


I also agree with Jerog in that it could do with some background colour:

The previous graphics did seem a little imperfect, but I definitely agree that the paid track’s bordering is actively fighting the rewards for attention (incl. text overlapping the border), which makes it difficult to easily scan, while the free pass borders also compete.


Yes, please fix this. My eyes hurt looking at it and it’s not a joke.


Like I said in the other thread, I actually like it. A little call back to when cards had an actual border design and buttons actually had work put in them instead of being just phone-optimised monochrome bland icons.
Might need a few more adjustments (as I said, a black or, when collected, dark blue background just doesn’t do it, and the overlap of text and border isn’t quite optimal).
Still, something about this new reward screen brings me back to a time, when I was able to like the game. Seems to be only me though, sounds like the rest isn’t into it.

Its incomplete. Its an obvious rush job. Just like the broken trials, this needs a major overhaul

My graphics are the same incomplete and no more to download I’m on iOS
I pad so many things lately especially missing graphics on troops

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Here is what we have on IOS :man_facepalming: