Campaign Begins: Aravatar's Skull

Originally published at: Campaign Begins: Aravatar’s Skull – Gems of War

New Campaign Begins A brand new Campaign begins today. Darkness has fallen on Krystara with rumors of a new Death God’s appearance. Head to Khetar to investigate these rumors. New Heroic Gem: Death Mark Gem During this Campaign, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles – the Death Mark…

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First week tasks look perfectly fine, kill 200 enemies, kill 100 purple enemies, match 400 skull gems. :+1:

Edit: Not a fan of the new reward layout, this looks way more cluttered up than before.


The Spirit Gem :face_with_monocle:


Looks better than mine :joy:


Same here, visuals are broken a bit

old visuals were definitely better, these are hard on the eyes to look at. @Kafka can we do something about so many intersecting lines please?

Also, the in game tool tip for death mark gems said when matching them they will death mark someone on the other side. Do I need to line up three death mark gems? tx

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing the screencapture. I have since alerted the development team about this issue and they are currently investigating this graphical issue.

I thought the broken(?) graphic in the email I received from the help centre was a bit funny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Got the same (presumably non-broken) layout as fourdot, and I think, it does not even look that bad.
For some reason, it reminds me a little of the pre-17 design (that I still regard as the better one), with the boxes around the premium rewards.
Might need a bit more colour though, instead of a black background.

likely in Khetar, not ‘like in Khetar’. Artifact Power Level 0 description.

I complained last campaing how poor rewards for the camp pass are. There were tons of pet food and traitsones. I take my words back, this campaing even worse. Hell

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From the Khetar Epic Trial Tier I overview screen:



Thats a goofy solution for the Death tarot card.
Just use the Tarot numbers (i.e. XIII: Death)


Anyone else dislike the Death Mark Gem’s appearance? Seems like it’s too large compared to other gems.


Haha, I thought you were trolling at first. Reminds me of German pet names which are regularly translated to the equivalent of “Pet what is belong to Troop” instead of “Troop’s pet”.

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Don’t get me wrong, because i like this simplified task format, but we have indeed come full circle circle.

Gem Wars Episode 6.9: Return of the Snotstones



I see Fourdottwoone 's graphical issue on pc, and mitamata’s on android. Also concur on the new gem being a little oversized. It’d be nice if it was rounder or something.

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Yep, same graphical issues seen by others. Makes trying to read it a violent clash on the eyes. I’m loving how “improvements” are failing, right out of the gate at launch, to live up to the concept. Thats 2 of 2 failed new “improvements” in the last week.

Omg its like in khetar. As if

I’m so sure! It’s like where else would you expect to find one? Duh?!

It’s like the trials right? So tripendicularly failing right? Who knew?

Oh yeah. The players. Go figure.