New UI is a little TOO busy on Campaign Rewards screen

Hey there,

Just wanted to pass along a little feedback on the new UI for the Campaign Screen. The Elite pass rewards seem to get lost in the background imagery and it is harder to see what you’re getting. The standard path is fine enough, but the Elite path feels way to busy.

Some examples:

If possible they just need to be toned down or reworked to not wash out what the rewards are. THAT’S the important part, the reward, not the frame around it.

I play on a big screen and this is how I feel. I wonder how muddy it looks on mobile? Thoughts?

Thanks for your time.


I agree that it looks way too busy and I’m not a fan of the change. Then again, I didn’t like how they changed other UI elements before this, either. Now several different parts of the UI are mismatched and it’s just a big mess. They ignored our feedback then and they will now. I guess they just want the UI to look clunky!


In short, the entire 6.9 update is totally trash!

The new UI is a little


Just a note for the CX team that this is the 2nd thread on this exact topic.