Beta testers(ANYONE)! Krystara playable map!

I made a playable Krystara map for Civ2. I tweaked a few things, like Landlord hooking up the water so cities won’t starve :slight_smile: Find resource page here

The city sites on the game map correlate with spots on playable map, just no cities yet, unless I park barbarians in them. :wink: You will compete with 3 other civilizations, one quite close. Get a move on by building what you need. Poke around the menus, its amazing how many things are, “I didn’t know I could do THAT.”

Let me know if something is “I can’t figure this out”, or “Its broke!” *exactly what is?

The terrain itself is accurate, but sometimes harsh. Water is irrigated from a source to a usable city square. Roads are built, buildings built, its all in the Civipedia.

And like the Devs of GoW, I’m here to help, let you enjoy something by trying to break it, specify what and how please.

Lastly, I get nothing out of this besides a possible resume scribble. I don’t even know Sid Meier, heck of a game!

Sounds great. Not sure if anyone plays CIV 2 anymore though. If you made it for CIV 3 or 4, I would have loved to try the scenario out.

I would love doing a Civ5 mod, but alas, I don’t know if downloading non abandonware is permitted. If I see it as abandonware somewhere, I will revamp it all, I know how the feeling is. And I worked in some impressive stuff into as is. Try running the vanilla version before saving the graphics for a true “Yuk!” factor.