Being able to manually control

Since we can control how many of the new troops we want to buy, why can’t we control how many Treasure Chests we can open at one time? I want to spend over a $1M gold, I don’t want to press a button to spend $15k at a time. Do you know how long that takes?

Also, if we have already beat a delve at level 100, why can’t we choose to go back to level 40? 60? 90? Or if we beat it at 500, to go back to level 210?


This comes up every now and then. The ‘official’ answer is that the servers would die a slow and painful death under the additional load. To put it more bluntly: Their programmers haven’t found the Stackoverflow answer to ‘How do I efficiently pre-generate a large set of random numbers?’ yet.


I’ll just pretend that’s not the case yet xD

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For the delve request? I can see that being a reasonable ask and argument; the “trick” in the thing is getting the developers to approve the project, to program it, and to make it bug-free.

As to the request about being able to open more chests at once? Have you not “enjoyed” the frequently lag-filled servers on an average Monday or during new-mythic Friday? There are currently problems with the capacity of the servers during peak usage; I don’t even want to think about how much worse it could get if there were options to further tax those resources at those times.

(And, no: I don’t want to try and see something programmed that might limit the ability to open huge numbers of chests at once depending on how heavily taxed the server is at any given time. I simply don’t have any confidence that it could be coded appropriately and bug-free in the sense that it wouldn’t break something else in the process of “fixing” this.)

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Actually it might would even help a little bit.
Somebody said the game uses a REST style API to communicate with the server. This means new requests every time somebody opens a chest. So sending a batch open request would result less requests which might relieve the serves a bit.
The new problem would be returning the rewards. Currently one request one answer, but with batch opening it would be one request many answer. The mail system could be used to return the rewards, but can it handle such amount of items?
Currently there are 1100 troops in the game, a couple is not available from chests, but there are other items like trait stones and gold etc. So the question is can the mail system handle 1100 items? If yes, the only response you have to send back for batch open that “your rewards will arrive shortly into your mail box”.

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Perhaps running it on a Tuesday or Thursday each week or on the 15th & 30th? I can’t imagine that after the initial hit that it would be an extremely popular thing consistently. All that said, I have no idea how the game works & all that. I just got booted during a GAP while receiving my rewards and when I had to restart, lost all my additional time. I don’t want that to happen often either, but setting up a Gold Rush or whatever would want to call it on pre-set days could help?